Mini Environment



The flexibility of the FORMUS System allows us to create complex enclosures for all customer requirements. In this example a research instrument was capsuled, however the complete front side can be easily opened for instrument operation.

    Complete solutions including roller tables, small doors and hatches are manufactured using the same material and accessories from the FORMUS System.









   Partition Walls



FORMUS system partition walls are lightweight and easily connected to existing installations. They can be attached to ceilings, floors or other wall constructions.



Customers can choose any type of wall panel material from 1 to 8mm. For temporary or start up solutions the new ' Thin Wall System ' using special 1 mm wall panels is an attractive option.








Partition walls can be made of prefabricated elements for fast installation or assembled on site for highly flexible solutions where required. Standard, double or sliding doors along with other elements such as windows or service hatches are integrated into the partition walls as needed.







   Process Enclosures 



Protective machine enclosures, with or without ceiling constructions, are designed specifically for each project.







Due to the flexibility of the FORMUS System we can enclose any shape, size or height. On site modifications are simple and almost always required when the final assembly and installation is performed.







Extensions or modifications to existing installations are possible at any time.





  Fan Filter Unit ( FFU )

HNT FFU has a backward curved impeller run by a high efficient and variable speed motor inside, which is available for a full range of voltage options.

This compact unit is located in the ceiling grid and does not require very much space. In connection with either HEPA or ULPA filters it provides the solution for your air cleanliness needs.