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25 x25mm











The product range offers everything that makes designing cleanroom solutions simple and allows almost an unlimited range of designs with fully integrated doors, hatches, ceilings, and window elements.

The variety in size and shape is almost countless.

Smallest system extrusions start from sizes 16 x 25 mm up to sizes of around
180 x 90 mm for heavy duty purposes. All profiles have a minimum of one groove, up to a maximum of one groove on every side. The internal chamber design gives the extrusion its light weight but at the same time it's strength and stability.

Most of these aluminium profiles have a material hardness of AIMgSi 0,5 (alloy) F22-25 or 6063. Their surface is clear anodised, in E6/EV1 (DIN 17 611), making them very durable with a long life span. Anodised extrusions are being used in cleanrooms down to class one and below.

Besides a clear anodised colour, there are other surfaces possible:
  - bronze and other colour shades, anodised
  - colour epoxy powder coated due to RAL standard
  - high mirror chromed






extrusions overview

Overview of different FORMUS System extrusions in shape and size:

(1) 16x25mm, 16x40mm, 16x80mm
      and 16x 120 and 160mm in height

(2) 25x50mm, 25x100mm and
      25x150mm in height

(3) Differently shaped profiles with
      angles of 30°, 45° and 90°.

(4) 40x40mm, 50x50mm, 30x60mm
      and 60x60mm (T and L-type)

(5) 30x30mm with one or more
      profile grooves