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The FORMUS System lock is an internal connector with a hammerbolt, that simply retracts when an allen key is turned clockwise. This mechanism provides secure and strong connection between the different extrusions used.

The pictures abouve show, how easy the connector works:

1) Bring the hammer lock of the connector into a vertical position and place it
     in the groove at the desired position / height.

2) Turn the extrusion 90 degrees upward or downward, so that the hammer
     head connector is in a horizontal position.
3) Use an allen key to fix the crossbeam into position.

The crossbeam with its connectors can be placed and removed freely between two fixed posts, without removing them. It is not necessary to slide in the connector all the way from the top or bottom of the post / groove. This allows fast set-up or alteration without dismantling other parts of the existing construction.