HNT's Biz Enforcement

HNT has established a scientific job flow system giving synergy effect between the divisions as well as allowing to do the business in perfect order.  

HNT's sales force is comprised of specialists who know the business. They are also trained to ascertain methods to improve the performance of equipment and to reduce total operation costs. Our sales personnel are sensitive to our customers' requirements. They do more than sell products - they sell satisfaction.

HNT's design team possesses the engineering know-how to conduct project evaluations incorporating relevant data, specifications and our customers; particular needs. By making a thorough evaluation of tenders and contracts, they ensure that contracts and designs are unambiguous and that the technical and delivery specifications can be fulfilled.

Upon the execution of contracts, all data for the projects passes to the Manufacturing Design department. At this stage, a systematic procedure ensures that product specifications and services are in accordance with contractually agreed upon terms.

HNT's manufacturing department uses the only materials and products which have been pre-approved by the purchasing department to guarantee the required level of manufacturing quality during the production cycle. All working processes are thoroughly checked and monitored by quality assurance personnel. As the result, HNT is getting a reputation for quality products and services that provide premium performance and value.

Completed products are dispatched to the site and installed. Comprehensive testing is prompt to ensures ' No defects '.